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For months, Herman Cain languished at the bottom of the pack of the Republican presidential campaign field finishing near the bottom of early release and straw polls. Since the Florida Straw Poll,something happen. Something happened that even Cain did not see coming. He became a front-runner for the nomination of the Republican Party.

Florida the Sunshine State where so many strange things politically has come about from hanging chads part of the deciding factor from the 2000 United States presidential election to current Governor that headed the largest for-profit hospital in America, committed the largest major Medicare fraud case in U.S. history. Florida now at the center stageagain propelled Cain as the GOP front runner.

Can Citizen Cain win over the conservatives who will not vote for him to win the Republican nomination should Cain last the test of time during the nomination process even succeeding in an arena where dirty politics, smear campaigns and thug tactics are used at the national level to garner votes?

Herman Cain breaths honesty into the Republican presidential campaign not filled with Washington rhetoric. This is what the country needs, a candidate not afraid to take a strong position to reach across all party lineshaving impact on the field and the direction of the party for free enterprise, less government, repeal healthcare and fixing a devastated economy. Citizen Cain can energize the GOP conservative front gathering independents and the Obama nonbelievers for the chance of becoming the Republican choice to unseat Democratic President Barack Obama in the 2012 presidential election.

Citizen Cain brings an understanding of the free enterprise system that unites major corporation and big business to the table to create an economic environment for business to boost economic opportunity for the middle class and small business financial growth. Something that President Obama has failed to achieve. Instead Obama blames the Republicans for his own administrations failed policies.

Obama’s presidency has shown America needs a business minded leader not a liberal Ivy-leaguer that produces great inspiring speeches that has not generated revenue to jumpstart economic recovery. Cain can move this country back to where America prospered.A Cain presidency would actually go a long way towards solving this. And besides, Citizen Cain has some great ideas for getting government out of our way and letting America be America again.

Cain relies on his common sense approach to appeal to the voting public with his “9-9-9” plan; Cain makes his tax plan clear and solid as an experienced businessman. Most importantly, Cain gives the presence of a leader and has the ability to rally crowds.

Cain’s braveryand confidence will cut through the negative chatter. This alone makes his candidacy dangerous even if he faces questions on his experience in the political arena during the debates. He will continue to ignite the masses with his mild-mannered approach. Cain will not back down and challenge America for what’s right, conservative thinking can only move this great nation like the past 100 plus years that conservatism served this country well. Cain can return America to the glory days.

Polling strongly from the same base, Herman Cain seems to be a match made for tea party conservatives.This might be the most important reason to support a Cain candidacy.  He has gained momentum as part of the Tea Party movement that was the defining factor in the 2010 midterm elections.  Cain’scandidacy could be an extension of the 2010 campaign if he gets the GOP nomination.

With Mitt Romney being so much like President Obama, I predict that Cain will overtake Romney and be more conservative as the frontrunner. With Rick Perry and Romney securing major financial backing, Cain the underdog is no longer the runner up in the GOP race.Since Cain’s victory in the Florida Straw Poll, he has seen an overwhelming surge in exposure to the voting public. This could be enough traction to make a legitimate run at the White House in 2012.

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