White House Change In 2012

The Republican Party is ready to take control of the White House come November 2012. What the Republican base has stated with the Democrats in control the economy is in ruins, the Obama administration economic policies failing putting the country in worst fiscal shape, overspending include a recentnattempt at another job created stimulus package accumulating another $447 billion pushing both bundles to over a trillion dollars in fail employment creation which included 2009 $824 billion already added to the deficit.

The Democrats want to keep control of the White House for the next four years. With record unemployment across the nation forcing a ruptured economy, blaming one party is not enough. Democrats overspent the Republicans Bush tax cuts. Remember the stimulus was started under the Bush administration not Obama’s. But the Democrats had control of congress for the last four years. Yet, they blame the Republicans.

The Democrats seem to have no fight instead depending on the president Barack Obama election to bail them out for policies that they created under the Bush administration. Again, yet they blame the GOP. Since 2006 the nation is working to avoid the worst economic collapse in financial history avoiding a depressed economy. Currently there are no new policies that could prevent a depression. Those policies could force the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression Era.

The Democrats help pass the stimulus bill to jumpstart the economy which included the Bush lead tax cuts. The Democrats could have regulated “Wall Street” and deregulated the banking industry, the housing market and Alan Greenspan, but choose the option to wait on the 2008 election. Now they are pointing the finger at Obama and the GOP. Sad but true.

The Bush tax cuts did nothing for the middle class. When the Democrats took control of congress in 2006 still they did nothing for the middle class except agree to the tax cuts hoping for the best by protecting the rich and ignoring the middle class.

Democrats have controlled the House, Senate and the White House for nearly two years. The American people have been forced with a two party system, one policy which has screwed the middle class for the last thirty years. Obama wants change. If new policies will correct the current two party system with change. It could very well come from a Tea party lead congress.

After the November 2010Midterm election as expected the Republican tea party elected members led congress. For the nation to get back on its feet, President Barack Obama will have to work with Tea Party Republicans and the Republican base putting emphasis on fiscal restraint limiting government spending, create a system that will help start a surplus end deficit overspending, tax cuts that will benefit the middle class and job creation from big business.

Before this nation can move forward, president Obama will have to end the Bush tax cuts which created the $12 trillion dollar deficit, no revenue created for middle class jobs. End the tax cuts or create a tax system without tax regulation, even for the wealthy. The Republicans will push Obama on deficit reduction with no more bailouts opening the door for big business to expand job creation focusing on how to balance the federal budget and not fund programs that keep sinking the country into debt and close the door for outsourcing American products overseas.

Obama will have to compromise conservatively not fearing any of his policies will be undermined as all past presidents have faced. He must work with the GOP to advance the economy. The goal should be to start lowering the national debt ending an already ballooned deficit. People are fed up with federal spending, particularly as many remain unemployed. If the President and Congressional member are going to get serious about the deficit, then they’regoing to have to look at everything: entitlements, defense spending, and revenues.

Obama’s Bailouts for the automotive industry was necessary. One of the biggest job creators in the nation was in bankruptcy. During the 1970’s, the federal governments bailout saving Chrysler from financial ruins. The auto industry paid back the stimulus package, Obama threatened to take them over if they didn’t. Obama defended the stimulus plan and the bailout of the automakers. The debt was created long before he won the White House in 2008, but this is his administration now.

Nearly all presidents entered their first year in office with the economy in a recession. Obama is no different. Obama and both parties shall share the goals of reducing debt and creating jobs. They must agree on their approaches to fix the budget and economy. This must be accomplished by a working relationship among the parties’ leaders. Obama must put trust in the new House where both parties must find a common ground on budgets, strategy, financial choices, defense spending cutbacks and revenue, even if that means the government can’t spend on new education programs until a surplus lowers the deficit.

Republicans have outlined a plan for governing that includes deep spending cuts and a repeal of Obama’s health care labeled Obama care. The financial overhauls trying to protect health care from Republican repeal, Obama coulduse executive power if Congress tries to veto these policies. But that should not prevent the president from working with the GOP.

Republicans will have some kind of willingness to work with Obama to cut spending. Cutting government spending is what the American people want, an approach the Democrats have not tried yet. The federal deficit was a near-record $1.3 trillion for the just-completed budget year which is a far cry from the Bush led $11 trillion dollar deficit.

The President with both Democrats and Republicans will compromise or pressures from disgruntle voters may pull the political fronts together to get some priorities done. “President Bill Clinton managed to rebound and work with Republicans after they swept into office in 1994, teaming up on balanced-budget legislation”. Obama must do the same immediately before the next election 11 months from now or he is one and done as I expect.

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