Should A Criteria Offer Citizenship For Illegal Immigrant?

Fox News recently conducted a national poll of 911 surveyed voters asking “what government policy should be toward illegal immigrants” currently living in the US? Poll results indicated some voters believe illegal immigrants should be given a chance to apply for citizenship provided they meet certain requirements.

Fox national poll stated that there should be a path to citizenship only if the individual meets stipulated conditions paying back taxes and learning English. Some voters believe all illegal immigrants should be deported which is the correct necessities to immigration reform provided that the government should not allow an easy path to citizenship. But will congress reform immigration for illegals to be sent back home and made to apply for legal entry into this country, right after they pay the penalty for breaking our laws?

Illegal Aliens break our laws and have little, if any respect for this nation, no respect for this country or its laws, and are trying to turn it into the very place they ran away from. This country became what it is by a lot of hard work by people who were here legally. The problem is Congressional members in Washington have not made it easy to straighten out the immigration mess they created. Illegal immigration will always be an issue when Congress continues to run away from their responsibilities then have the audacity to complain when states like Arizona and Alabama implement immigration reform.

The Federal Government is very much aware that illegal immigrationis against the law and should not be tolerated. Illegal citizens who break the law are held to the law. Allowing illegal immigrants to remain in the US creates a separate class. Granting them a free pass to citizenship takes away the rights of those who waited their turn and gives them treatment that smacks of favoritism. Just because they avoided the law should not make them free of the law. Increase work permits to those already in line. There is little difference between employers who hire undocumented workers at very low wages and the old slave owners who worked people for free. Either way, it is exploitation. This is where illegals cash in on.

Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich has suggested letting local boards determine whether illegal immigrants can stay in the U.S.  Those boards would consider how long the person has lived in the U.S. According to the Fox News poll, by a 51-44 percent margin, voters favor than oppose local boards making the decision.  Over “half of Democrats 56 percent and Republicans 51 percent favor such a plan” as “52 percent majority of independents” opposes it mainly because a path to citizenship is what has doomed all immigration legislation in the last three administrations, Clinton, Bush now Obama.

President Barack Obama promised during his Democratic presidential campaign run in 2008 that his administration would reform immigration. Congress has made two attempts in the last three years that has failed both House and Senate. Congress isn’t likely going to pass reform because it frankly is a path to citizenship. I think most members of Congress and most Americans don’t want to reward lawbreakers and don’t want to give them amnesty much of what Obama has done recently to garner the Hispanic vote for his reelection in 2012.

During the Clinton and Bush respective administrations, the Democrats had large majorities and weren’t able to pass the comprehensive immigration reform and amnesty bill and have not committed to moving forward to keep this issue alive for another shot at passage in Congress on the need to fix the broken immigration system.

President Obama stated earlier this year that in order to tackle illegal immigration successfully they must debate the issues around the country insisting that Congress act to create a system that meets our nation’s needs. First the Obama administration should secure the US Mexican borders then let the surrounding states like Arizona, California, Alabama and Georgia pass state boards to determine whether illegal immigrants can stay like the recent comments Newt Gingrich made. The states would be better equipped on rooting out illegal workers and the businesses that hire them.

The failure of Congress and recent presidents to overhaul the immigration system led Arizona, Texas, California, Alabama, Georgia and other states to devise their own crackdowns on illegal immigrants because the feds and Congressional members keep toying with immigration reform. Now immigrant rights groups are popping up pursuing their own political drives using fraud and various unethicalmeans of law to protect illegal immigrants.

A new California laws sponsored by Antonio Gonzalez, a Latino illegal rights advocate who helped form the coalition sponsoring the California initiative that offer college financial aid to illegal immigrants and ensure that their cars are not seized if they are caught at traffic stops without driver’s licenses which they cannot legally obtain.

Recently a bipartisan Latino group in California has drafted a November 2012 state ballot measure aimed at allowing hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants to come forward and pay income taxes without fear of deportation. It would also attempt to forgivetheir employers from prosecution for hiring illegals which is a federalviolation. Will the Justice Department and the Feds step in to prevent this issue from moving forward?

The clash between the fairness of employment for American citizens verses the hiring of illegal immigration is have in this country pushing tension over the issue to restore a fair and balance immigration reform, a reform that past and present presidents, congress and Washington political opponents just fight over with no results. Currently there are no unemployed illegal immigrant workers in this country. Even the illegals being paid under the table are working. Those jobs need to go to American citizens and legal workers.

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