The Quite Republican Candidate Who Could Win It All

Who could be the savior for the Republicans come 2012? The real efforts start January 1, 2012 to determine whether a new Republican presidential candidate could merge as the presidential choice to unseat Democratic President Barack Obama in the 2012 election. As the race heats up the talk is still preliminary and somewhat wishful. With the support of much of the Republican establishment that took an early lead in the polls but so far Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney, Michele Bachmann, and Rick Perry with the exception of Herman Cain the former CEO of Godfather’s Pizza suspended his campaign in early December. All have at one time led since the election campaign started this past April. The remaining contestants Jon Huntsman, Gary E. Johnson, Ron Paul, Buddy Roemer and Rick Santorum could have a legitimate shot for the GOP nomination.

Conservative leaders are looking into whether it is feasible for a dark horse candidate to move into the top spot once the real Caucus and primaries start. In the GOP presidential area It’s time for one candidate to separate perform strongly in the coming primaries instantly becoming a serious contender if the Republicans seriously want to win in 2012, they’re overlooking the only candidate who can bring back the Independent conservative vote. Hardly a convincing choice at this point as the Republican nominee for next year’s presidential election. If one were to look deeper, that candidate could be Jon Huntsman.

Of all the Republican candidates that at one point held leads, why has Huntsman been overlooked? One reason is because he is a true conservative unlike the present conservative candidates like Gingrich, Romney and Perry who have moved so far to the Media Right in this election. Considered a Reagan prod achy, this gives Jon Huntsman an advantage because he has the most experience. He has the best economic plan among all the candidates.As governor of Utah, he created Utah’s Flat Tax, which after 3 years had reduced taxes to nearly $408 million and reduced regulation to rate Utah as #3 in 2007 in doing business in the state that created jobs.

As governor, Huntsman listed economic development, reform healthcare at the state level, cutting taxes and job creations top priorities. He oversaw tax cuts and advocated less government. He also proposed a plan to reform healthcare through the private sector.

Huntsman offers a broad strategy on tax and regulatory reforms. In his tax plan similar to Reagan’s 1986 tax reform proposal, Huntsman proposes to develop a simpler taxation system through a formula that does away with the current and recently extended Bush tax cuts. “Our tax code is too complex, our rates are too high, and the tax burden is carried by too few. It costs America’s taxpayers over $400 billion every year just to be in compliance with the 17,000-page tax code.” He also wants the elimination of capital gain and dividend taxes, while reducing corporate taxes from 35 to 25 percent. The reduction of corporate taxes could hurt his campaign with corporations not paying their fair share of taxes. That is the one basic for the Occupy Wall Street movement.

Huntsman is very experienced in foreign policies. He served as deputy secretary for the Trade Development Bureau of the Commerce Department, then as Assistant Secretary of Commerce for East Asia and the Pacific. Within a year, Huntsman became our Ambassador to Singapore. Under the Bush Administration, he was appointed U.S. Trade Ambassador in 2001, but two years of serving overseas, he decided to run and win as governor of Utah. In 2009, Huntsman was named Ambassador to China by President Barack Obama and remained in that position until April of this year considering a run for the Presidency.

Huntsman knows what Americans need is leadership that does not assure “Hope and Change” and not deliver like our current president pledged. We need solutions and answers that will work to restore this great country to sound economic stability ending a weak economy and high unemployment. The unemployed urgently need jobs and the opportunities they carry because confidence in the middle class under this administration is down. Huntsman could be the focal point in restoring trust in Capital Hill, ending government sponsored bailouts and stimulus packages.

With the Media Right pushing a political fight for the 2012 primary race between Romney and former House speaker Gingrich, there is a movement among the GOP to take a serious look at Huntsman as a challenger to president Obama. For reasons unknown, the Right has pitted Romney against Bachmann, Perry, Cain and Gingrich keeping Romney as a frontrunner within the conservative community.

Romney was labeled as an opportuneness conservative when it best serves his campaign. This was also said of his presidential run back in 2008.Numerous conservatives find the choice between Romney and Gingrich “unsatisfying.” If either were to fail, Huntsman would gather the GOP as a legit contender.

After months of low poll ratings, the Republican presidential candidate is showing some signs of success before the start of the primaries. His poll numbers are climbing, recently receiving two New Hampshire newspaper endorsements from the “Valley News and the Keene Sentinel,” peaking at the right time of the New Hampshire primary. This comes on the heels of a new recent Wall Street Journal poll that shows Huntsman’s support gradually rising across the nation. Republicans need to unite in my opinion to defeat Barack Obama next November ending his failed policies. People are now beginning to recognize Jon Huntsman as the candidate that could bring about “Change” to unseat Obama in November.

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