Could “Joe the Plumbers” Fix Congress?

Can Americans change democracy if “we the people” get to choose the candidate of our choice? Elections seem to never change anything. We elect our leaders in a system that pushes cooperation, corporation, capitalism and greed upon the will of the people as the political system will continue a never ending Congressional battleof a two policy one party system. A system that breeds every four year cycle, meet the new boss same as the old boss associationfor a one party advantage. Then the branch of government is used for reelection.

In the last eight years American consensus as endured a collapsing economy, high unemployment, three failed wars – Iraq, Afghanistan and illegal immigration, a great recession, housing and banking financial failure, stimulus bailouts at the hands of the middle class tax payer and an out of control overspending government. Americansthought “change” could be brought about in 2008 and again in 2010 in an attempt to take back the country.

The Tea Party had the right idea to free independence from career politicians returning the country to the constitution not wealthy business owners electing to running for state legislativeofficesand congressional membership on Capitol Hill. Americans deserve better politicalrepresentation, not just anexclusive class. Change could come from “Joe the Plumber.”

Samuel “Joe” Wurzelbacher better known as “Joe the Plumber” is diving into politics because he thinks it’s about time common Americas held political office because our current representatives are divided in the worst of economic times. Joe was thrust into the political spotlight after questioning Barack Obama about his economic policies and promise to raise a wealth tax on six figure incomes during the 2008 presidential campaign.

“Joe the Plumber” has become a rallying crynot just for conservatives, but for Americans who have lost jobs and homes because of the bad economy. He has traveled the country speaking at Tea Party gatheringsand public meetings since becoming a household name. “Americans deserve all kinds of people representing them.” he recently stated. “Not just an elite, ruling class.”

If we are to right this sinking political ship and remove the political cloud hovering over Washington, Americans needs more “Joe the Plumbers” to step forward. Ours systemis fixated on power between two private partiesthat letsactivists and lobbyist dictate control through voting rights. Once in office as an elected official our representatives become divided no matter what kind of au inspiring speech they gave to get elected. We assume that this is how it’s supposed to be, it has work in the past, but that was years ago.

In my opinion, within the last nineteen years voting for the alleged right candidate was supposed to give citizens a bigger role in the election process. Instead, the names on voting ballots in voting booths have candidates that each political party chooses with no other option.  So we fuss and fight amongst each other but accepts the limited little choices we have because political clout works.

Our government laws conducts elections and supervise voting rights lends credence to the diplomatic process as standard operating procedure. All three federal, state and local governmental bodies have abandonedtheir obligationto oversee our election process. Instead they turn the job over to political parties that get creative in realigning voting districts or wards to gain that all important extra ballot vote no matter which party affiliation.

This comes at the expense to the taxpayers to pay for these party functions because we are loyal customers to a political system that demands Americans cater into the political structure of elected officials.

Given Americans’ low levels of satisfaction with the government, President Obama, Congress, and the way the government system works, the desire for change is not surprising. It’s abundantly clear that Americans want a change from the presidency to Congressional members and the failed policies during the previous last three administrations which include how Americans vote.

It is clear that when Americans look ahead to the 2012 presidential elections the next president could bring about more general changes in the structure of government and its future role. The hope is Americans want the next president to bring change in the way government operates. Provide change in leadership from Obama into a new direction. Repeal healthcare, change tax laws, fix the economy and create jobs. No more spending. No corporate overseas foreign tax shelters, better ethics in government, a balance budget. Leave Social Security alone. Less government and help the middle class and our elderly.

Democracy ideally offers equality and freedom as important characteristics of democracy for all citizens and having equal access to legislative the processes. If any democracy is structured to prohibit the government from excluding the people from the legislative process, or any of the three branches of government the system can accumulate too much power and destroy the democracy direct or indirectly. Which is why the cry for less government intervention is more so now than ever before.

Joe the Plumber” has decided to run in 2012 Congressional election as a Republican in Ohio. He stated he’ll organize his campaign to influence people who are tired of politics as “usual” and demand change to problems instead of fixing them. According to Joe, “politicians too often try to patch problems instead of fixing them. I’m not the kind of plumber who uses duct tape” he stated. If we really want change change that will generate more representative in Congress, state and local municipalities, we need more Joe the Plumbers. Not just Samuel “Joe the Plumber” Wurzelbacher from Ohio, because our political system is going nowhere fast.


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