President Obama “State of the Union Speech” Great In A Robust Economy. Not In A Bad One.

President Barack Obama recent State of The Union address to Americans across the nation boosting how great America is all about: “a country that flourishes when we all work together” and “every person gets a fair shot, when everyone does his or her fair share.” Americans play by the same rules create opportunities.The president announced a call for education investment, job training, rebuilding our nation’s infrastructure, supporting the rights of workers, a fair tax code, and we all play by the same rules.The president speech was long on bearing the fruits of the land, but short on employment for the unemployed.

Since Obama took the Oval office in January of 2009, jobs have gone from scared to scares with little to no reassurances that the job market growth in his first three years will add “change and hope” instead the middle and lower class continue sounding the alarm of panic, worries that the future for employment seems bleak because our country’s economic policies have angled toward the well-off.

As the wealthy benefitted from a wealth tax, more than 4 million jobs were lost over the presidents first six months in office. The unemployment rate was near 6 percent. The unemployment rate climbed to over 19.5 percent based on unemployed self-employed, unemployed recent college graduates, non-reported unemployed, unemployed, legal and illegal immigrants federal unemployment insurance program coupled with Obama’s policies have not made a difference in long term job and economic growth.

The federal unemployment insurance program helped 17.9 million job seekers that claimed unemployment benefit last year according to the Department of Labor in 2011. The Recovery Act from the Obama Administration created between 2.2 million jobs in 2011 that were short term employment that federal stimulus package provide short term occupation at best, six months. This provided no boost in enforcement resources for job growth.

The only bright outlook this administration has accomplished, the extension of federal unemployment insurance benefits keeping the unemployed looking for work which has not produced or contribute to the economy. Unemployment is unacceptably high. Nearly 29 million workers are unemployed which means the “real” unemployment rate is over 19 percent not the 9 percent the feds claim. To get back to levels before the Great Recession employment levels, need to add 10 plus million jobs the first six months of this year.

The problem is that this Administration is providing short-term employment as long-term unemployment is normal. A majority have been out of work for one year or longer.Job growth has averaged 142,000 for this past holiday season as once again it was short term employment to accommodate the Thanksgiving/Christmas/New Year season.The long-term unemployed may be forgotten. Over 42% of the unemployed have been out of work for six months or longer and unemployed workers today have been unemployed for an average of 40.8 weeks over 12 months according labor statistics.

Threats to basic economic security programs continue. Workers’ wages are at the lowest in the last fifty years according to labor statistics. What’s more shocking more Americans are without health insurance, and retirement security is slipping away for older workers?

Congressional efforts to dismantle unemployment insurance, worker rights, Social Security, bargaining rights and basic protections for the labor market is crippling for working families. The last little bit of hope, the two-month extension of unemployment insurance that Congress passed just before the holidays is set to expire at the end of February. Millions of unemployed workers will be once again at risk of losing federal unemployment insurance coupled with no new job outlook for 2012.

The future is upsetting. Millions of midlife and older workers are moving toward retirement with substantially reduced savings because of job loss, stock market devalue routs of their retirement investments, and declining home values and high cost of living. Young workers are entering the labor force replacing older workers in a youth movement as employers are hiring real cheap wages.

Unlike older workers, the young will blow their wages on electronic games and electronic devices. Older workers depend on jobs for basic survival essentials which under this Administration is producing limited opportunities and no wages. This disadvantage will significantly affect remaining lifetime earnings.

Another issue driving joblessness President Obama and the Democrats will mark the 1000th day since Democrat controlled Senate passed a budget. That’s 1000 days without a balanced budget. President Obama will likely propose more federal spending despite the enormous deficit and the record$16 trillion dollar national debt. Without a budget from our elected officials to provide restraint to Congressional bureaucrats, this increased spending will continue.

The fundamental responsibility of Congress is to pass an annual budget in order to provide guidance to the immense federal government. Without even this measure of oversight, the majority of government spending goes on and on and in effect government agencies and programs run themselves, with appropriation bills covering the cost.

As Obama made clear in his recent “State of the Union” address, “we all have a stake in the future success of our country. America is still the place where you can make it if you try.” But we cannot let this country’s leadership shortchange our workers; our environment and our economy by letting Big Government dictate the outcome. American economic principles was founded on the strength of the middle class that provides more than 90 percent of government expenditures each year with hundreds’ of trillions of dollars to keep the feds operational. It appears that the hand that feeds the feds is the hand that getting cut off.

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