Deficit Spending Downward Cycle

President Barack Obama deficit overspending continues this downward spiral of a failed economy since the start of his presidential term.  Americans still suffering through the weakest economic recovery termed the “Great Recession.” The recession from 2009 no economic recoveries appear for the seeable future.  According to economist, 2008-09 the worst economic downturn since the 1930s and the recession of 1982.

The problem with this administration there is nothing spawning economic growth. The 1980s and 1990s under Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton recovery was much more from doom to vigorous.  The big difference between the two recoveries has been less government action.  President Obama responded to push more stimuli that give complete control to government over the economy with new regulations and bailouts of insolvent financial firms.

President Obama has failed to grow, stimulate and create the millions of jobs he had promised during the 2008 campaign. Americans has massive tax increases with more to come which general do absolutely nothing in a collapsed economic environment. Business and corporations the creators of economic growth don’t see President Obama making any affords jumpstart future economic development.

Both President Reagan and Clinton responded to their recessions with historic tax cuts and by downsizing government regulation and intervention that led to restoration, recovery and enormous job growth. Reagan and Clinton were rewarded with reelection for a second term. Obama’s campaign so far is hitting high income taxpayers, most of whom are small business employers. If he continues down this path, Obama is one and done.


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