Division In This Year’s Election

The start of summer in the next six weeks signals the start of the presidential debates leading to the deciding factor in the 2012 presidential election. Per all indication Republican candidate Mitt Romney verses Barack Obama the main event unless a dark horse candidate enters as an independent. Hint, Ron Paul could be that candidate independently splitting party votes putting a small distance between the two party systems as early polling data suggests the race could be very close.

The candidates are just points apart which will start smear and combative campaigning and mudslinging each other with each candidate signing off with the famous political catch phase “I approve this message” in the “stand by your ad” in political advertisement. The current conduct of both candidates supports and suggests a close and vicious race.

Since the 2008 election America is divided politically concerned that the country is growing too divided along political, economic and racial lines. Congress gets much of the blame for dividing the country. As a Republican I find both parties responsible for the divide in this country and unable to move forward. Today, the split between Americans, Occupy Wall Street, the 1%, the Juan % of immigration         and the Tea Party. It extends to their votes but has its roots in racial, economic, religious and demographic differences.

Confidence in President Obama in dealing with the nation’s economic crisis and high unemployment is the most pressing problems the American spectrum state they have less confidence that Obama will not do what’s right in mending political, economic and racial lines.

This was to occur after his 2008 campaign slogan “Change” that catapulted Obama presidency which has done absolutely nothing to unify the nation. For the first time in several years, there has been a sharp decline in the proportion of Americans who say the country is more politically divided than in the past fifty years according the Pew Center.

Not withstanding a major change in the economy before the 2012 election. This election simply reflects the hardening of partisan lines that have been developing for three decades. The division in stark contrast to the period that preceded it with a different approach to connecting the voters from an industrial society to an information internet technology based nation. Politicians keep fighting the same old contender battles to individual preferences supporting political, economic and racial divisiveness’.

The division’s political, economic and racial landscape nothing will be resolved until after the November election and their supporters are ready to move into a new period that will require change in the way government and politics operate.

To bring the masses together, if President Obama wins his reelection nothing will be resolved. The president will harp on blaming Bush instead of his administrations failed economic policies and bailouts that did nothing to stimulate the economy and job growth. This is his economy, not Bush. Nobody in the Obama administration from the top down has ever been responsible for anything.

Americans cannot have another four years of overspending, any deficit reduction, and big government trillion-dollar federal takeover of the health care system. A disaster for the federal budget and a disaster for the American people that we may never recover from. His reelection almost guarantees a 20 trillion dollar deficit if elected to a second term.

Mitt Romney emphasizes individual choices and less government spending. He proposes to get federal spending under “20%” of the Gross Domestic Product in his first term in office by doing this with a budget. The Obama administration has never submitted a budget, and Congress has worked for two years without passing one. Romney can bring big business and small business to the table to restore economic sanity. So it is safe to state that the next new president make a large difference in the way Americans see the course of America’s future.


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