Clueless And Out of Command

“The private sector is doing just fine” this according to President Barack Obama referring to the current economy’s economic condition during his 3 plus years in the Oval office. Are we finally witnessing a president that is out of tune with the core values of American monetary financial system already in a recession heading deeper towards a depression? It has been said before by political wigs now the proof is in the pudding. This proves the president is “out of touch.”

President Obama’s handing of the economy appears clueless without a choice saying “the private sector is doing just fine.” I suppose that the public sector is exceptional, not without facts. The public and private sector employment has been matching the country’s overall unemployment and weak job growth rate. If the economy gets worse it’s your fault Mr. President. This is your economy not George Bush. You get the blame.

The economy is the biggest issue on voter’s minds with a high unemployment rate and the economy struggling to recover. There are too many people out of work. The housing market is still weak, too many homes in foreclosure with nothing presenting economic growth. Millions of Americans are struggling for work is not doing fine. The housing market is not doing fine. Job creation and job growth is not doing fine, the middle class that drives small business is not doing fine. This current administration is not doing fine.

The public sector is in the same shape as the private sector. Both continue to struggle with job loss and jobs cut back on spending contribute to a very slow recovery. The public sector stimulus bailout has ran out with more jobs being lost compared to pre stimulus hiring as thousand of jobs being lost each month. The private sector needs to rush job creation in a hurry.

President Obama comments are disturbing based on facts that over 300,000 people each week in the last 4 years have been filing for unemployment benefit. Last month 69,000 jobs were added to the workforce and more than 1 million people filed for unemployment furthering Obama’s agenda, borrowing trillions of new debt, and passing many laws that restrict growth, using bailouts to support Crony Capitalism.

The Obama administration have devastated the middle class by allowing business to use their power to influence government preventing economic growth taking political power with both government action parading governmental favors. This is no more than President Obamas ideologically motivating government intervention or calling stimulus bailouts as investments. In the true sense, this is Obama economic policies of governmental favoritism spreading crony socialism influence failed economic policies. But the private sector is doing fine.


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