2012 Election Presidential Election: You Make The Call

The November 2012 election will be of historic proportion. This election could change the balance of future elections for candidates that have had experience in government. How elected officials deal with the problems of everyday Americans. Voters are tired of the political agenda, thanks to Barack Obama. The “Change of Hope” now is we hope to change the presidency of the coming election this November.

The good Republican candidates held out from this election while the Democrats had no other vital candidate to challenge President Obama. In my opinion, if Hilary Clinton had challenged Obama. This would have changed the balance of political power in Washington for who is better suited to lead this nation. Any ideological candidate experienced and cares for less government share the same fate of the American people. More and more Democrats are seeing the role of too much government. Will this bring about change in November? At lease for the next four years?

Can the November 2012 election unite this country with a leader that does not duel with both sides attempting to use the government as the only option like the passage of socialized federal mandated health care that affects every American? Is this what the nation has come down to?

Obama was to be the new standard of political stronghold. An unknown politician that could stand up to the establishment who would unite our nation, bring hope to all parties, change the political fronts for the better. The last election a mistake was made by Democrats who fed into change.

Change that did not balance the budget, raise taxes on Americans making less than $250,000 per year. Promised to negotiate health care reform publicly, produced the biggest deficit spending spree in American history then called for deficit reduction. Exterminated private insurance, destroy the quality of medical care, paying for abortions with our tax dollars, stimulus that did nothing for the economy.

The real issue, jobs. Jobs so that Americans can pay off their doctor bills, make mortgage payments and afford health insurance that we choose. Americans have not seen prosperity since Barack Obama became the 44th U.S. President. Because of the addition of federal debt, the economy is at a stand still. Bailouts won’t cut it.

Another issue is Obamacare. According to the Heritage Foundation “53% of Americans favor repeal” of government sponsored health insurance and “57% say that the Supreme Court should strike” Obamacare down as “unconstitutional.” What really hurts the most; a federal mandate to force every American to pay a fine for insurance coverage if that can’t afford or refuse coverage.

Obama’s reelection in November could turn out to be a very close election. The state of the economy will be the deciding factors. Unemployment has hit most American families hard as millions remain unemployed. Remember President Barack Obama, the unemployed vote.


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