U.S. Becoming An Insolvency Nation Under President Obama’s Administration

President Barack Obama administrative policies will lead the federal government into an insolvency nation enforcing socialized government sponsored Medicare with the highest taxes will push extensive spending over all other categories of government expenditures of federal spending the highest ever.

The thought that ObamaCare was supposed to be a cost control fixture of insurance benefits working to reduce cost and provide access of care with a limited price long on health services and no out of pocket expenses. The reality is health care is a restructuring of previous individual independent medical coverage program with added charges of government expenditure at the federal level with applied extended high end taxes payable by the tax payer.

This is the Obama way of saying this system is market reform that does not guaranteecomplete comprehensive coverage for Medicare beneficiaries. ObamaCare provides coverage, but the costs for coverage would be determined and enforced by the government providing the feds to manage control, set, and raise spending resulting in reduced to limited access to care for the tax payer and seniors.

Under Obama socialized care, the government sets the price, out of pocket costs, if any reimbursement without competition from insurance providers as the government will be acting as the only federal insurance provider. Our taxes will be the support base to subsidize Medicare benefits. There is nothing in the ObamaCare that contains to a reduction in costs.

ObamaCare would end Medicare for the tens of millions of Americans leading to this country becoming an insolvency nation. The hardest hit would be seniors 55 and over would receive their Medicare benefits with the same type of coverage. The costs of that coverage for seniors would rise through market conditions forcing seniors to pay more on a system they vested in years of work history.

The Obama administration used more than $700 billion tax payers’ dollars to fund the processing of ObamaCare which basically cut out health care providers which will deny a reduction to access. ObamaCare could force providers to withdrawing their participation in Medicare giving full government control of Medicare.

ObamaCare was set up to prevent Medicare reform or repeal. No retraction to comprehensive coverage robbing the Medicare fund for current and future seniors adding outrages costs without competition leading to Medicare’s solvency. Obama’s re-election guarantees the insolvency of both Medicare the entire federal government.

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