The Malpractice Media Favors President Obama Re-Election

If President Obama wins re-election, he should thank the national media the likes of CNN MSNBC ABC CBS and NBC for placing emphasis that favor the previous administration mistakes never taking into account, this is his presidency. Obama’s administration has been long on blame short on solutions in his first term.

Obama’s pass the buck re-election campaign has spent millions to media outlets to push his failed policies off as Bush.His speech advertises Mitt Romney is“a return to the Bush years.” Facts, Obama took many of Bush policies and approaches and expanded them and failed. Obama constantly states “inheriting” this from Bush.

Obama did inherit a deficit when he came into office. Cannot deny but it leaves no explanation why his administration continues to rack up more debt to the current tune of $16 trillion and will reach $20 trillion if re-elected for a second term. This fact is a mystery that defies logic.

The mainstream media’s ignores the truth about Bush presidency as Obama uses conspiracy to plant voters into buying his theories the nation compassionatelyneeds big government to further the role of entitlements instead making the nation more dependent solely on government for answers.

The media takes responsibility from the last three plus years of Obama presidency never addressing his policies “redressing the errors of the last eight years” has become the theme of Obamanomics, the reality of Obama constant bashing of Bush through the media for a second term.

Classic example, the Bush tax cuts were to add a surplus and create opportunity for the middle class and tax breaks for the wealthy. Those tax cuts did nothing to spurt job growth. Obamapledged during the 2008 presidential campaign “if elected,” his presidency will expire the tax cuts. After being elected in 2009 provided three different extensions with another pending this December.

The media supports Obama’s constant blaming of Bush for the mess we’re still in. Bush was fiscally irresponsible, a Democratic-controlled Congress passed a larger budget than any one Bush proposed. The enormous debt Obama inherited came from his own party and his failed policies came his first two years when the Democrats controlled both House and Senate.

Obama is helpedby much of the media unlike Romney who the media barely notice. They cover Romney with rhetoric and boomerangs his campaign at every opportunity. Obama can talk his way around problems as news outlets appear as ifso fascinatedwith him they don’t see conflicts.

The media bashing of Romney is negative working in Obama’s favor, winning the funding ad wars with smear campaigns while the networks cover his re-election world tour Hollywood style.

Romney will get his chance during the coming October presidential debates if the media provides a level playing field. If Romney wins he will have earned it. Having to fight Obama, the Democrats, and the liberal media, their plan of four more years would be better for this country. Another year would be disastrous for this nation while Obama continues to be treated like a rock star?

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