Democrats Republicans Two Party System One Policy

Democrats and Republicans. Two Party Systems. One Policy. Meet the new boss. Same as the old boss.

Democratic Party liberalism progressivism progressive libertarian moderate conservative democracy classical liberal platform center of left seats in the senate seats in the house civil libertarians liars to people of color african americans hispanics asian native americans jewish americans arab muslim americans economic issues minimum wage renewable energy oil policy health care reform environment college education trade agreements tax discrimination human rights productive rights stem cell research foreign policy afghanistan israel iraq war unilateralism usa patriot act privacy rights gun control death penalty tariffs social welfare labor unions civil rights business regulation long-term growth support business low taxes terrorism homeland security health care reform labor rights environment liberal programs bipartisan democratic national committee (DNC) democratic governors association (DGA) social liberalism farmers laborers labor unions religious ethnic minorities unregulated business finance progressive income taxes advocating welfare programs central economic social progressive agenda social freedoms affirmative action to hide liberal racism balanced budget free enterprise system government intervention mixed poverty ghetto plantation in every major city social injustice progressive taxation military action stem cell research secular government environmental protection abortion rights immigration cultural diversity free trade civil libertarians separation of church and state protections bill of rights economic issues higher minimum wage death penalty red white and blue colors.

Republican Party GOP grant old party large corporations less corporate regulation individual corporate america reducing tax regulations on corporations lower unemployment rates social security and healthcare to the private sector privacy and liberty security morals values in socially conservative american moderates conservatism social conservatism fiscal conservatism economic liberalism libertarian conservatism classical liberalism progressivism center right separation of powers balance of powers environmental policies social policies national defense and military spending international policies constitution taxation global democracy supply side economics gun ownership deregulation free markets individual achievement laissez-faire economics, fiscal conservatism personal responsibility reaganomics trickledown economics reduced income tax rates GDP growth tax cuts oppose graduated tax rates oppose estate tax private sector welfare reform opposes socialized medicine opposed union management roe vs wade judicial activism restricting abortion bill of rights federalism with greater limitations federal power commerce regulate commerce regulate emission of greenhouse gases clean alternative fuels nuclear energy energy independence pro-life capital punishment unilateralism national security international relations neoconservative policies afghanistan iraq immigration reform pro-business small businesses party for all people african american hispanic asian cuban korean Chinese vietnamese corporate welfare and national debt red colors.

Two party one policy. Same old shit.

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