Fact-Check Fact-Checkers: Presidential Candidate Ties To Russia

Hillary Clinton claims Donald Trump, his campaign links ties to Russia and its president, Vladimir Putin. Beside wild conspiracy theories about Putin plotting to elect Trump, or even Trump might be doing Russian business. Many of Hillary’s allegations were either lacking proof, inaccurate and pure speculation citing no hard facts about Trump and Russia interest and business affairs.

Trump’s former campaign chairman, Paul Manafort, was named in an investigation by Russian authorities whether he received millions in illegal payments from a former pro-Russian ruling party. The connection had no ties to Trump including if any of Trump’s campaign staff or advisers are currently representing Russia. Hillary claims that Trump has partnership ties to Russian establishment or political fronts has no merit.



Hillary Clinton and her top adviser John Podesta have stated the FBI is investigating Russia’s possible role in hacking thousands of emails from Hillary’s personal email server and the Democratic National Committee official emails implementing the Trump campaign as the source of the intrusion connecting Trump campaign with Russian assistance to gain access to the White House

The Clinton campaign also points the finger at Trump claiming he has been in touch with WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange and Russian hackers suspected of leaking internal emails of Hillary’s corruption while she was with the State Department, the Clinton foundation, access to foreign governments, terrorist organizations and the Democratic National Committee emails.



Hillary Clinton flames on Trump’s Russian relation when her State Department activities and family’s foundation highlights as secretary of state financial donations were made to the Clinton Foundation to the tune of $2.35 million dollars for Uranium by Russians looking to run a Canadian Uranium company. The deal also paid Bill Clinton $500,000 for a speaking engagement in Moscow.

The deal was brokered by Hillary, relied on both foreign access and cash to benefit the Clinton Foundation’s donors while she was with the State Department.

The Clintons have denied any “shred of evidence” that supports they received special interest to donors of the Clinton Foundation for sale of foreign assets for influence of the sale of a Uranium company granting Russians control of a fifth of the uranium production capacity of the U.S. According to CNN, “the deal was completed in three transactions from 2009 to 2013.” Wikileaks sheds a clear light on the Clinton’s “pay for play” Russian cash deals while secretary of state.

Podesta financial ties with Russia, owned 75,000 shares in Joule Unlimited, an energy company. In 2011, Podesta joined the board of directors for Joulee Unlimited. Months later, Joule received up to $35 million from Rusnano, an investment firm founded by Vladimir Putin.

The Clinton campaign and foundation has ties to Russian interest.


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