Military Members Not Favoring A Clinton Administration

Outside of the Hillary Clinton liberal establishment base of corruption, not every American is on board with Hillary’s presidential election. The men and women of the military have forced her to cancelled as planned keynote speaker since 2014, but she’s cancelled too many armed forces rallies in the midst of planned protests from military families against the Clinton campaign run for president.

Military personnel not highly receptive to Hillary run for the presidency whose incompetence caused the death of former SEALs Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods, in addition to U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens and Sean Smith. Hillary’s who responded after the death of the four American’s “What difference does it make?” This stems from Clinton’s role in the Benghazi scandal.

The military community have put the Clinton campaign on the unwelcoming list. Pat Smith, who has explicitly blamed her for the death of her son, received a “too bad” Hillary as professed citing “scheduling issues” canceled planned opportunities to provide Smith with the answers she so desperately needs to add closure to her son’s death.

Hillary’s lackadaisical attitude towards Americans particularly the military regarding Benghazi, ponzi scheme Clinton foundation, emails revelations of starting ISIS and her source of foreign countries that funded radical terrorist, crimes against the political structure of American politics, all under her watch as the secretary of state with the State Department.

The thought of enraged military booing Clinton at a planned event would not shake this criminal mastermind who acts above the law. Imagine having a Commander in Chief who does not have the support from the military because she is so hated.

The national media has chosen Hillary Clinton as the candidate throwing this crap down our throats. Voters don’t have to accept people like this as leaders, just because they have been selected by the media. Americans can take a military attitude and boo Hillary Clinton on November 8.


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