Full Video: Final 2016 Presidential Debate Trumps Clearly Beats Hillary

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Third and final 2016 Presidential Debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, clearly this was Trumps best performance. Better than the second debate he also won against the Democratic nominee. The 90 minute debate at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, it was clear without doubt this was Trumps moment. 

Debate started off well. Trump chance to show why he is fit to be Commandeer-in-Chief, dominated the conversation on facts and substance. Stayed on the issues leveling effective charges against Clinton’s failures as both senator and secretary of state. More presidential in the eyes of many.

Trump pushed the issues of the Clinton Foundation which was never mention in the previous debates, hammered Hillary on the Wikileak emails, pushing video concerning violence Clinton campaign incite at Trump rallies “pay for play” foundation accepting donations from a foreign country that rape and beat women and no human rights. Failure in preventing ISIS from spreading, illegal immigration. Great stance regard supreme court nominee stated the Constitution democracy not social opinion. Truly historic moments for Trump.

This was a his lighting rod that will put Trump 2016 in the White House. More dynamic and organized and elevated his fitness with precision preparedness and readiness overshadowed his opponent.

Chris Wallace ask Hilllary Clinton about the Clinton Foundation twice. No response.

It’s worth noting that voters on social media, Trump performed better than he did at second debate in St. Louis. Social media which is at war with mainstream media over facts and transparency in the election. Mainstream media Liberalism rigging Hillary’s election bid.

Social Media presence agreed that Trump won the final face off between him and Clinton.

Fox News moderator Chris Wallace was an excellent moderator, effectively asking hard sticking questions to both candidates, did his best to maintain control throughout the entire debate. Much better job than NBC Lester Holt, CNN Anderson Copper and ABC Martha Raddatz. His style should be the standard for future debate moderating.


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