Social Media Will Defeat The Clinton News Networks

Hillary Clinton could win the presidency not by her own skill set nor by past political success. However, she seems destined with the relationship between the corrupt scandalous biased mainstream media that has a huge taste to skirt facts. The press has covered the Clintons for more than a quarter-century.

The media covers Hillary with a presumption that laws were made to be broken, she has done nothing consider as outright corrupt. The liberal press gangs views the former secretary of state, and the response to her criminal background with open arms.

The perception of Hillary by the media is highlighted as a women who refused to play by the rule of law. A brash public figure with a distorted style to expand her supremacy to control a relationship with the Washington press corps. She has, made television, radio, magazines, and newspapers, and the people who work in it, a feature of her political, public and criminal life absent of honesty and trustworthiness.

She strings the press to keep them penned in, power and wealth from a foundation taking foreign donations from countries mixed in terrorism. That is only one tenth of Hillary and the Clinton Foundation story.

Reporters don’t feel at liberty to the public. Real journalism died when liberalism manipulate power of the press to offer the most completed transformation of information. News travels around the world in five minutes. By the time information makes its way back to the original source, it’s a different spin. Back in the day, news was morning, noon, or nightly. Now it is a 24 hour source full of Clinton deception.

The press provide Hillary enough to stay ahead of the law. If elected she will be the first president to disgrace the White House with unethical, corruption, untruthfulness and misleading Americans, even as she lies openly as Judicial Watch quest to nail the Clintons of the dirty big political mechanism Americans have not seen since Watergate.

Whatever its cause, news outlets liking of the evil one define her as president. This is how popular she is with the press as polls, voter fraud, campaign contributions, lies and deception are fixed in her favor. If she wins the 2016 election, the mainstream played how her presidency made possible collapsing Donald Trump rigging fear-mongering well-planted stories of sexual assault, racism and bullying.

The powers to be won’t report Hillary’s cries of corruption, lawlessness and dishonesty. They will have no regard to report specifics nothing short of giving an actual account of events. Mainstream media restricts the truth.

There is a war going on between mainstream media and social media.

Social media viral information of Hillary’s emails. Those emails are going to be the complete undoing of her presidential run. Despite what CNN tells you, the emails in detail describe the Treason Obama and Hillary betrayed on American’s and how they influence the rise of ISIS and the sponsors behind the arms supplied to our enemies. Hillary knows once the emails are released, she is done, that is the reason she and the media blame Russia to draw attention away from her and Obama’s crimes.

There are many reasons social media has become such a powerful influence in this election. More energized voters get their news from social networks and political sites that are fact-base fact-checkers unlike mainstream news that slant information. Social engagement reports directly to voters.

Voters sharing opinions on social media sites, it carries enormous influence over proof. Hillary uses mass media to criminalize information. Social media powerful tool Hillary Clinton can’t penetrate because knowledge of the Clinton criminal enterprise is public record.┬áSocial media, however, has a different principle much different world. Without WikiLeaks, the thousands of Hillary’s campaign emails go unnoticed without a trace, she gets away with murder.



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