Hillary Clinton Treasonous Act.

It is imperative that the structure of Washington political scene changes and corruption ends with the election of Donald J. Trump. Our current elected officials is at best a career path of do nothing money hungry elite congressional members that support the two party one policy system. Better known as “bedfellows.”

A Trump election will spell the end of political corruption and get America back on path to honest Constitutional laws that the founding fathers structured this country.

America will gravely suffer if Hillary Clinton gains control of the White House. Hillary is beyond selling to special interest. She has sold the foundation of our country to the world for a price. Governments are paying in access of hundreds of millions of dollars to control what and how we think. Terrorist have donated to the Clinton Foundation for access to our rights. That is a threat to our health and welfare.

As Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton State Department, $6 billion dollars mysteriously disappeared. To this day money has not been located nor has the feds been able to trace the funds. Hillary remains silent. Donors from the Haiti Earthquake Relief Fund are now questioning the use of their donations. The double standard for like crimes is the standard of today, i.e.; Petraeus and Snowden verses Hillary Clinton. If Hillary was properly prosecuted, it would bring down Obama.

Hillary Clinton has rigged the election from the Trump campaign. Rigging and voter fraud directly and verified that Hillary was and is connected to Veritas campaign whose foundation funds guerrilla warfare. Project Veritas release a sting video it shows Democrats who conspire on voter fraud. Benghazi, Hillary is directly responsible for the deaths of the four Americans killed in Benghazi. The four deaths were verified by the marines that where there and are still alive. Obama was notified by the ambassador and Hillary.

In all three presidential debates, Hillary was wearing an ear piece. The signal was the scratching of her chin. Hillary has Parkinson disease. Erst; all the nerves, ticks, twitching and facial expressions. She cannot stand flashing lights.

Trey Gowdy stated – 33,000 emails is a treasonous act.



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