Clinton Inquiry While Secretary of State

Fraud and gross mismanagement of funds from the State Department. Money missing in 6 year period from contractors directly attributed to Hillary Clinton’s State Department April 14, 2014. The issue is Clinton funds do not provide reliance of their deposits.

Originally Judicial Watch has targeted how the Clinton Foundation is financed and how Hillary is likely to defer legal and illegal funds to her campaign and Inspector General is doing everything in their power to locate funds. How do you conceal $6 billion dollars?

One way would be the $52 million contract placed by the State Department to a contract specialist, who is a state department employee with no official documents. $600 million fits nicely into three C-130 Hercules transport aircraft. This is just another Democratic abuse of taxpayer money lost during the Obama regime. This all established in April 2014 exhibited by Judicial Watch.

Headline by Daily Caller, Clinton’s State Department of which she is about to be required to answer the issue of fraud and incompetence. Cause of Action Institute filed a Freedom of Information Act related to 2014. Notified the Inspector General, State Department lost contract files and maintain incomplete files and implicated conducive to fraud. The public has significant interest in knowing what the inspector General intends to do.



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