Late Funding Won’t Support Florida Senate Candidate

U.S. Rep. Patrick Murphy race for Florida’s U.S. Senate seat left for dead from his non-supporting Democratic party. The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC) made it official this past August, won’t helping Murphy bid at all with advertisement during the general election this fall.

The DSCC’s big dollar donors were directed to other competitive Senate races in Florida, as Murphy is behind in polling to Republican sitting U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio who has a 10 point lead.

The committee has $10 million in its campaign coffers. The DSCC has withdrawn it funds from Florida when the committee had initially claimed it would transfer its resources closer to Election Day.

Democrats track record not known to fully support party members, originally canceling $6 million in TV commercials from backing Murphy’s Senate campaign. Rubio double digit lead over Murphy in polling after the October 17 debate is in a position to win another term in Washington.

Rubio has maintain his competitive edge by hammering Murphy in the debate. The DSCC’s decision to cut the remaining dollars was made after the debate. Rubio called out Murphy for supporting expansions of oil fracking and drilling for oil in the Gulf of Mexico near Florida waters. Murphy teamed up with Obama to approve a Keystone pipeline and voting to expand fracking and Gulf oil drilling.

Hillary Clinton’s campaign along with Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, declare it will be spending some money on the race for TV ads running in the South Florida market. The funding is too little too late for Murphy who should concede the race for the lack of support from his party district and state wide constituents.

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