The DNC Won’t Dismiss Donna Brazile For Racial Reasons

Donna Brazile, political analyst, interim chairperson of the Democratic National Committee strategy to support Hillary Clinton presidential bid was pressed at issues from Fox News Megyn Kelly over the Clinton campaign email from WikiLeaks dated March 12, a day before a CNN town hall moderated by CNNs Jake Tapper and Roland Martin commentator for TV One.

Donna Brazile leaked a town hall question to the Clinton campaign against Bernie Sanders by leaking a question to the Hillary Clinton ahead of a March 2016 townhall. Despite claiming not to conspire against Sanders campaign, WikiLeaks email batch confirms Brazile in cahoots with the Clinton campaign which showed coordination of a subversive act and the connection to the Clinton campaign.

The allegation that Brazile disclose a town hall question to the Clinton campaign claimed only that her emails from WikiLeaks were doctored, which turned out to be false. Ironically, Brazile filled in for the vacated chair left by Debbie Wasserman Schultz after she was outed in a similar WikiLeak email dump just before the start of the DNC convention this past July.

Brazile questions leaked to the Clinton campaign confirmed that Hillary was asked a question that matched the one forwarded to her by Brazile word for word.

Brazile even went further repeatedly claimed that some of these emails have been modified, no way to validate each and every one of them pressing Fox’s Megyn Kelly on the issue.

The emails were verified as being authentic from Errata Security’s established the emails has not been altered building a case against Brazile’s claim. Hillary’s campaign and Donna Brazile lied when they indicated these emails have been doctored.”

Brazile should resign as DNC chairwomen. Will she step down from the DNC? The DNC will not dismiss for fear of retaliation, makes It look racially motivated from public pressure that she did something that was totally wrong and inappropriate at the highest level.

This is a very realistic future problem for both Hillary and the DNC. A terrible situation where you had both an illegal act from a supervisor chair, presidential candidate and a campaign that let her do it. While this is not satisfying in the present, it’s the option that is most likely to prod election reform for future debates.

It’s quite possible that the initial take on this will make CNN, the Democratic Party, the integrity of journalism and one African American look criminal for Brazile dragging through this. The experience will be unpleasant, even if Hillary wins the election.

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