Trump Positioning As The Next President

Speculation on whether Donald Trump will be the next President of the United States. The polls rigged by Mainstream Media suggest he is down. Let’s be clear about this. The system, engineered by Hillary Clinton minions manipulate the polls. Some will have you to believe Trump is behind nationally and in key battleground states. If you don’t think political corruption is front and center, then yes, Trump is down in the polls playing in the hands of a Clinton victory.

Why? Here’s reasons to believe. More polls in 2016 Presidential Election than years past, all of these so called survey’s have no merit and no base to address the millions that will cast ballots November 8. Those polls are nothing but odds setting a false narrative for the Clinton cronies to claim early victory. Having polls and odds misleading is an argument attempting mainstream politically incorrectness to address a hidden agenda to protect Washington established party politics.

Polls are a random of sampling to collect information to be used as a percent for head-to-head comparison of a frontrunner, not a means to suggest or declare a victor before the final ballot is tabulated.

Mainstream media, funded and well greased by the Clinton campaign have many polls like national, marginal, state by state, out-righter, tracking, sample, reporting, variance, caucus, survey monkey and my favorite shack a fact CNN/ORC Poll, which survey 50 people at a local Wal-Mart. None of these polls in my opinion, are accurate they are a variety in polling results with a penciled in means.

The Clinton machine does not see Trump as a good or even decent candidate from a Liberal standpoint. This is important if any of Hillary’s supports believe her corruptions and crimes don’t exist. In any other election year, Hillary would not have been able to run for the presidency from her well-documented irredeemable past beyond redemption. Clinton has done almost nothing to try to change herself.

Yet this isn’t any other election year. The so-called pollsters and so-called experts assume voters are guided by their expertise. Every major poll taken over the past two months has shown a massive majority of the respondents believe the country is broken from Washington’s corruption and Hillary will be the extension of a irreparable system.

The polls is failing how voters perceive Trump’s support. No one thinks he can win, but his rallies suggest otherwise. Sold-out crowds without mainstream backing, Trump supporters disappointment with Clinton shame and the national press corps; evident throughout this campaign, especially have voiced their displeasure at Trump rallies. Clinton despite media assistance is slipping in the polls her supporters understand economic despair and she is not trustworthy if a crisis presented itself.

Trump surged after the Republican Convention increased backing among Blacks, Independents and others not help with Hillary’s crimes. Those backing Trump support him strongly among Republicans and millennial independents because he’s more trusted over Hillary on the economy, illegal immigration, failed healthcare (Obamacare).

His strength in the economy from having built business from the ground up is resonating among voters. Trump’s potency is the economy.

Mainstream can’t judge Trump rationally for not being a career politician that can be brought by special interest and lobbyist an assessment of many different factors and various failed policies of the established political elite. Their values, their record and so on, but in reality, voters are enticed by his bluntness to tell it like it is something the political scene has never seen before.

Trump is up to the task. He’s qualified to be president, has the temperament to serve effectively. Yet despite what Liberals think Trump is still in the race and it is tightening up. Prioritizing voters are more engaged on issues to derail what has set our one great nation back 100 years. We are a divided nation on all fronts operating on a system of things rather than “We The People” what our founding fathers committee to the Declaration of Independence.


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