Potential Charges Pending Against Bill Clinton

The Mainstream Media has yet to reveal an explosive bombshell. Will it ever end with the Clinton crime family. Alleged information possibly uncovered from Anthony Weiner’s laptop with new email reveal former President Bill Clinton having sex with underage girls ranging in age from 5-14 years old. Email information Clinton having a close relationship with known billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, a registered sex offender.

Clinton visited Epstein’s private island more than 26 confirmed flights on Epstein’s private jet for the purpose of having sex with underage girls. The New York Police Department detectives confirming that a current investigation alleges Clinton had sex with underage girls and it appears that the NYPD is making plans to bring charges against Clinton and his accomplices after emails on Weiner’s laptop from on-going FBI investigation of Hillary Clinton sending of classified State Department emails on a private server while she was the Secretary of State.

The sexual behavior of both Bill and Hillary Clinton as a couple has been wide open. Hillary’s bisexuality was first made public in 1992. Bill Clinton’s former mistress Gennifer Flowers announce she was writing a sex advice column, dished the dirt on Hillary. Flowers claimed that Bill Clinton repeatedly told her that his wife was “bisexual,” and “he didn’t care”, Hillary “had eaten more pussy than he had.” Bill has never turned Hillary on sexually, only intellectually giving “Slick Willie” the option to satisfy his wild oats. When Bill was wedged with other women in his storied sexual past in the White House, Hillary was very upset. Not because of the women, but from the fact that he got caught.

Now the FBI and the NYPD is looking into newly discovered emails that were stored on electronic devices owned by Hillary’s top staff and gal pal Huma Abedin and her estranged husband Anthony Weiner. The investigation into Hillary mishandling of classified documents, reports now many of those emails are “personal in nature” with information about the Clinton’s open sex life and Bill’s sex-capades with underage girls. The mainstream media has not put any focus on the Clinton’s explosive sex crime with minor children. If proven, both Bill and Hillary could get convicted of a sexual crime spending the rest of their lives locked up for life.

The relationship between Clinton and Epstein came to light this past May. The NYPD, their investigation focus on emails disclose Clinton in an “international child sex ring.”


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