Former Broward County Republican Chair Supports Hillary Clinton Only Because She Is A Women

Cindy Guerra, Cuban American, raised in Miami, chaired the Broward County Republican Party. This year she is not voting with her party affiliation in the 2016 presidential election. “With Donald Trump I just can’t” she states. Cindy has provided a clear reason why she endorses Hillary Clinton. She has no platform. Not for policies or politics. Guerra is voting for Hillary just because she is a women, period.

Cindy Guerra is the direct result of the Clinton lies not doing her home work to prove her ethnical position as the chair person for the Broward Republican Executive Committee in courting Hillary Clinton in her treasonous and criminal ways. Cindy, how much were you paid to swing your vote?

I question your ethic ability to read and research and come to a reasonable results about the lies and the quid pro quo and money you stole and used for unjust purpose (payoff). I don’t know what schools you went to but they are not effective because they did not give you the ability to think straight.

I have met 5th graders at the polls trying to do their civil duties, who have more rational intelligence to understand the issues. You know Hillary Clinton has a goon squad (Clinton Body Count). You know she takes money from Arabs, kills criminals for special favors. She lies without forethought and pays off anyone in her way. Cindy, for you believing Hillary’s bullshit. You should be tarred and feathered and ran out of Coral Springs. You certainly do not represent me or any other forward thinking citizen of Broward County.

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