Trump Presidency Sparked Some Ludicrous Words From CNN Van Jones

A dissolute, CNN political commentator Van Jones demonstrating why he belongs in an insane asylum. Measuring the success of Donald Trump presidential election victory, Jones on election night delivered another racist rant he’s become known famously for from fear that a Trump presidency, sparked some ludicrous words from Jones.

Jones explained to his CNN co-host when Trump was taking a commanding lead on his path to winning the presidential election. “If you talk to the actual people at the base, here is what you hear. Terror. Terrified Latinos. Terrified Muslims. I had a Muslim mother asking me, ‘Should I leave the country? Are they going intern us?”

All Jones did was stoke panic and race baiting which have led to massive street rallies of hate speech across American cities. The intent of injecting race in terms of extra special protection and benefits due to skin color. It would not be easy to dismiss Jones words as the ranting of a madman, but fanning the flames of racism and division. Thanks to his disgraceful dangerous rhetoric, instead of history being made against the establishment which has held blacks back since 1870.

Jones and CNN are not good at reporting facts on the news. Jones is simply too selfish to seek the truth and remain inconvenienced of facts, more uninformed because his candidate did not win the election now feelings are all hurt, CNN lied trying to get Hillary Clinton elected.

Van Jones, in my opinion, is a disruptive nut. He has stepped off the soapbox and into the CNN television studio, where he is free to pontificate and to chastise those who don’t fit his template of skirting facts and falsehoods. Too many cases that he designates as racist, he has inarguably contributed to more harm than good. He creates a problem daily.

Still, Jones is creative. CNN reassure people that Jone irrelevance is driving his lies, and he offers absolutely no solution except to throw the race card around in an attempt to stay in the spotlight.

It’s clear the only person pushing racial tension here is Van Jones, who is using a platform to push racial politics which makes him disgusting on two fronts. This is nothing new and he will scream racism no matter what.

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