The Obama Presidency Not A Good Legacy

The Obama presidency, difficult to draw judgments about its historical legacy. Not one reasonable person can focus on some aspects of his administration in which Obama’s historical importance might be significant. Obama managed to restructure the operations of the Democratic Party made the party more attractive to no one in the last eight years.

Under Obama, the Democrats regulating the excesses of the private market place using government to stimulate economic growth. Moreover, Obama capitalized on growing dissatisfaction within the Republican Party, claims to a legacy for the Democratic Party have been severely undermined by two realities: the shift in control of Congress to Donald Trump and the Republican Party on his watch and the loss by his would-be successor, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, in the 2016 presidential election.

Thus, Obama’s legacy remains uncertain. The Obama presidency will certainly be studied and evaluated in terms of its domestic failures: increasing the federal deficit and overseeing the weakest economy in recent memory. There was no economic boom under his administration while the mainstream media¬† interpretation tends to give his economic team a period of confidence in the financial markets. A big lie.

What is unclear is whether economist will evaluate Obama on the quality of his budgets. The so-called “Obamacare” a national health care system would have been just such a program. Obama’s failure to win that insurance battle will loom larger in the judgment of history that did not benefited Americans with rising cost that Obama championed against when “Obamacare” was first introduced.

In terms of foreign policy, Obama record also failed. Global economic forces failed to respect national boundaries by taking free trade, with NAFTA making jobs overseas rather than home grown led to economic catastrophes in both the developing world and domestic. Not many Congressional members understood exactly what was at stake but they went with it.

One of Obama’s brightest moments came in the success of fining BP $20 billion dollars for the catastrophic oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico which nearly destroyed our Eco System. But the failure to prevent the rise in ISIS, sending billions to a terrorist (IRAQ) nation will loom large in future historical evaluations. Obama’s overall management of the war environment will certainly endure great scrutiny.

The damage done is far more pronounced and probably permanent. Not just what he did, but also what he did not accomplish. Tied-up in a second-term struggle to look good as an African-American president rather than for all the people. Even stated while campaigning for Hillary Clinton to all blacks, vote for Hillary to secure his legacy. Self absorbing.

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