Fact-Check Fact-Checkers: Putin Placed Hillary Clinton On Terror Watch List

Russian leader Vladimir Putin stated Hillary Clinton not only posed a threat to America, but also to the world and was a risk to national security had she won the presidency. The world considered Hillary Clinton “was a symbol of war” and would have sold America because she was the root of all evil.

Putin, feared Hillary Clinton radical agenda was to initiate a world war, sought to protect Russian citizens from her ties to globe sponsors of terrorism which threaten humanity the reason Putin added Hillary Clinton to what it calls the “terrorist sponsor watch list.”

Hillary was added to the list because some of her top donors channel more than a hundred million dollars into terrorist groups, including ISIS. ISIS imminent threat to the Russian region given the facts that Clinton accepted more than $100,000,000 from radical Muslim nations that fund ISIS terrorist activities.

Clinton held a private meeting recently on American soil (Texas) with a Pakistani businessman and 250 other Muslims who attended the meeting. Nearly $500,000 was collected for Clinton, which helped place hundreds of thousands of radical Islamic refugees in Texas, and allowed them to all have government assistance, in exchange for a $500,000 donation to her foundation. The mainstream media did not report any of this, this past January of 2016.

Had WikiLeaks and millions of Americans not exposed all of Hillary’s corruption, she would have won the election, and put America on the market to the same donors as ISIS. Hillary was dangerous enough to initiate a World War in exchanged for the mighty dollar.

Putin, one of the most powerful leaders of the world saw Hillary’s threat and he did his job to save his country, the world, and American citizens. Trump’s presidential victory avoided a World War III Putin promised if Hillary were elected. Both Putin and Trump will join forces to end ISIS something Obama and Hillary Clinton never would have done. Clinton was a crest for war.

In my opinion. If a terrorist organization offered Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation $1 billion dollars with access to Nuke America with an island to escape to. She would have sold America out in a heartbeat.

Putin has two missiles targeted towards America had Hillary Clinton won the election. Both missiles were named satan 1 and satan 2.


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