Clinton Election Defeat. Liberals Attempt To Edit Conservative Social Media Freedom of Speech

Freedom of the press is freedom of communication and expression of free speech. Its preservation comes through our U.S. Constitution and protects our freedom to say what we please that governs our civil liberties, human rights, and constitutional rights. Because of this past 2016 election. Angry fallout from Hillary Clinton defeat to President-Elect Donald Trump, the Liberal base wants to kill Social Media free speech?

Social Media is covered by the same laws as freedom of the press, thereby giving equal treatment to spoken and published expression. When we consume online content, especially news, social media information unlike mainstream media is a fact base driven source full of hard core fact-checking to seek the truth and provide real narratives of a breaking story.

Social Media played a hugh role during the 2016 presidential election. As voters supported their platform for news rather than remaining uninformed from the controls of Liberal-bias propaganda filled lies and deceit. Individual sites like WikiLeaks did what the government refused to do. They cited a corrupt political system that failed to inform the general public of the truth, and the skirted facts from the corrupt narcissistic news of CNN.

Social Media embarrassed all “fake news” sites that had Hillary Clinton defeating Trump in a landslide leading up to election day. Because of the First Amendment, freedom of speech and the freedom of the press went bias without restrictions. Despite the vast differences in freedom of expression across the spectrum of reporting facts, the one constant of mainstream media. They have their own set of standards that are not in line with established facts.

Social Media, in the best interests of society to express the standards of what constitutes acceptable speech. This has enabled a new world of the internet by empowering everyone with a voice, and to share their thoughts without restriction.

The 2016 election has gone down as the most bizarre political campaign in U.S. history. The Liberal mainstream dictators (Hillary Clinton, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, Politico, New York Times, Huffington Post, Salon) pushed hatred, racism and sexism front and center on Trump. The freedom to lie and keep the facts from information seekers was the demise of Clinton campaign. The bigger issue to limit freedom of speech comes from two of social media giants.

Facebook and Twitter placed boundaries on what they constituted as unacceptable speech on accounts that railed against Hillary Clinton crimes and the Clinton Foundation corruption. Any Conservative viewpoint post about Hillary was regarded as pessimistic, either the accounts were suspended or ban instantly labled as violations of their unwritten standards. Anything from the Liberal left went unnoticed or they turned a blind eye to.

Facebook showed how much control the sites had when Mark Zuckerberg donated $20 million dollars to the Clinton campaign which granted his ultimate authority on how it views freedom of speech, the lack of, and to remove any written content from its platform restricting what Americans could post as it contained free speech.

Because Hillary lost the election, anyone with a voice that is not a Liberal in my opinion is being censored could ultimately lead to the demise of social media freedom of speech. The facts are there.

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Michael Coker
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