Hillary Clinton, No Stranger to Winning Popular Votes Losing Elections Twice

Hillary won the popular vote against Barack Obama in 2008 during the Democratic Primary nomination and again in 2016 against Donald Trump during the presidential election. Both elections, despite strong showings, the Clinton campaign they haven’t won a single race in spite of being the clear-cut choice to win.

Trump’s defeat revealed Hillary, for the second time seeking the Oval office ran a propaganda filled campaign with the mainstream media as it’s platform losing to two political newcomers. In 2008, Hillary Clinton lost the Democrat Primary nomination to Obama, but won the popular vote with 17.8 million votes compared to Obama’s 17.5 million votes. Hillary earned only 1,973 delegate votes compared to Obama’s 2,285, and the delegates determined the election results. There was no protest then.

Hillary outpaced President-elect Trump by almost 2.9 million votes, with 65,844,954 (48.2%) to his 62,979,879 (46.1%), nearly 3 million more than the president-elect, who secured the presidency by winning a majority of Electoral College votes according to certified final election results from all 50 states.

So why was the Clinton minion machine out fear mongering with anger violently stroking rage rioting frustration grief and emotional distress crying for a revolution against the very liberal agenda she has been part of for more than 40 years that provided her and her family deep pockets. Because, for the second time Clinton lost to a man with little to no political experience.

The facts are the delegates determined the election results, the way the electoral college determines who will be the next President of the United States. That was built by the founding fathers for the election process to ensure all states are not biased, as small states are even with bigger states during an election procedure regardless of who is to be the next president.

In reality, the Electoral College was set up to assure that a handful of population states across the country cannot control the presidency. That’s was well demonstrated during the 2016 election results. Trump won the electoral stage, but still came up short in the popular vote because results from California where illegal’s, 2.6 million of them cast ballots for Hillary.

With the support of Backdoor Amnesty for illegal immigrants imposed by Obama allowing law-breakers to enter undocumented vote without proper legal vetting. Trump still wins in a landslide. Trump’s landslide of 2,623 to Hillary’s 489 among U.S. Counties sealed the deal.

Hillary knew going into the election cycle, to win presidential seat. Tip the electoral your way. But Hillary and her cash machine nation want to abandon the Electoral College. Per the Constitution this will never happen.


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