Man of The Year: WikiLeaks Julian Assange

The 2016 U.S. Presidential election, the real victor in the biggest storytelling presidential campaign in the past two centuries, was the most gripping epic historical battle energized by anger, resentment, falsehoods, and media cover-up for one of the two main candidates that dominated the political scene like no other the world has seen.

WikiLeak founder Julian Assange, his multi-national media organization, specializes in examination and investigation of censored information published materials that implemented Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, her campaign staff, and family enterprise the Clinton Foundation who embodied the party establishment.

Assange provided what the U.S. government refused to inform voters of massive fraud crimes and corruption during the 2016 election.

Julian Assange made available the batch of Hillary Clinton’s work-related and personal documented emails released by the State Department of the former Secretary of State and her staff mishandling classified information. The emails in detail confirm that everything Clinton told Americans about her unprecedented email arrangement was absolutely false.

WikiLeaks found Clinton email threads that the State Department marked to include information shared in confidence by foreign governments, Radical Islamic Terrorist organizations, from prime ministers to spy chiefs, while she used her official powers to do favors for major Clinton Foundation donors to secure hundreds of millions of dollars in play for pay selling American political interest and access.

Assange information revealed while Hillary was in charge of the State Department. All of her emails must be classified and handled through secure, government-controlled channels. The only kind of information to likely harm national security if wrongly disclosed.

Clinton and her staff routinely did not follow the regulations in the department’s “Foreign Affairs Manual”, which disclose employees must safeguard foreign government information by treating it as classified.

The FBI continued a on-going investigation that Clinton failed to turn over emails containing classified information when she left the Obama administration, as required by law, as she did not turn over her private server until the FBI was poised to seize it. Even then, she only turned over those that she wanted to, and then deleted the rest.

Assange exposed how the Clinton Foundation as a racketeering enterprise. Operated the Clinton Foundation as a charity, monetize the Clintons’ political influence in exchange for political favors, access, and influence for millions in donations while she and her husband Bill “Slick Willie” Clinton exploited the fundraising potential of her position. Receiving compensation and lucrative opportunities that contributions were substantially diverted to pay lavishly providing the Clintons with deep pockets.

This explains how and why foreign governments and businesses made the Clinton’s filthy rich.

The WikiLeaks disclosures of emails from Clinton campaign staffer chairman John Podesta confirmed that the Clinton Foundation disguised as a fake charitable trust to secure profitable connections. It’s sole purpose was to wealthily make the Clinton’s have power through the foundation ties using her email communications outside the government system in order to cover up corruption between the State Department and the Clinton Foundation.

WikiLeaks uncovered under federal law, that can amount to running an enterprise by a pattern of fraud, bribery, and treason along with a breach of truth and overwhelming evidence for criminal convictions

WikiLeaks revelation there was overwhelming evidence of a major breach of trust that rendered Clinton unfit for any public office, let along the Oval Office. It also discovered the Obama administration, Justice Department and FBI found creative ways not to charge Hillary Clinton which would have implemented Obama’s collusion with Hillary and it’s substantial cover-up.

WikiLeaks giant library of documents was the driving force the public has thoroughly engaged in the election.

Millions of Americans pored over authenticated email publication through social media platform to bear facts of Hillary and the Liberal base top-secret conspiracy to steal the presidential election with strong support from left-wing propaganda filled mainstream media reporting naked bias journalism skirting First Amendment rights.

While being under heavy attack to keep the Clinton crimes confidential. WikiLeaks was committed impart to true information and defended the public right to be informed. Julian Assange continued the course as a bounty was placed on his life in a November 2010 email from Hillary Clinton and Mark J. Penn to “take an aggressive position on Wikileaks.”

This is one in many reason Assange has been residing at the Ecuadorian embassy in London since 2012. Fabrication of rape and sexual assault charges from Hillary and the Obama administration pressure and response seems quite weak. That alone has not slowed Assange ethical importance which has not been disputed.

Not one shred of denial which related to how the Clinton campaign coordinated with journalists to smear Bernie Sanders election bid.  An October 31, 2016 batch of emails released indicated Donna Brazile, the interim chair of the Democratic National Committee, appeared to tip off Hillary Clinton’s campaign about a question in advance of a CNN Democratic primary debate in March, emails published by WikiLeaks suggested. Not-one dispute has made the publications important.

WikiLeaks did not produce the outcome in the deciding factor for Donald Trump’s upset of Hillary Clinton’s presidency. Nor was it due to a desire to influence the outcome of the election. The voters made that decision. That is WikiLeaks commitment to their sources, whistleblowers and to the public.

WikiLeaks, above all else, the public had the right to know. They remain independent from influence by the media. Their transparent work will not submit to censor the First Amendment. Publications are accurate. Authentication remains.

The facts are Assange was determined to tell the truth about Washington’s political corruption. WikiLeaks primary source, Hillary’s emails ashamed the government, Obama’s administration, the Clinton campaign, the Clinton Foundation, Department of Justice, FBI Director James Comey and the nation.

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  1. You only have to look at the list of donors to the ‘pay to play’ Clintons and their Foundation.

  2. niceEisbear | January 2, 2017 at 10:50 am |

    Personally the more our various governments get outed the better I like it. The everybody spies on everybody else world comes from precisely the obsessively secretive world politicians have come to inhabit. That same level of secrecy has eroded the basis of virtually all democratic institutions.

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