Fact-Check Fact-Checkers: Corrupt Mainstream Media Missinformants

Liberal mainstream media, the derogatory misleading bias disinformation spreading propaganda filled promoting fake news we can’t trust to tell the truth. The naked biased talking heads who fundamentally want to change our country and take away our Constitutional Rights and Freedoms.

Mainstream is perpetrated news. It cannot permit time for thought, reflection, or facts deliberately used as instruments for the purpose of preventing people from paying attention to reality which has given to narratives that no longer distinguish the difference between what is real and what is fake.

When the public is reduced to no longer caring about the truth and unaware of what that truth even is, propaganda takes hold and shows them what to do. That is the world that we live in today as more and more Americans are subjected to a barrage of propaganda news cycle that predominates our lives with false accounts of events.

Aided by a shielding media that regurgitates propaganda, like CNNs coverage of ISIS radicalized terrorist Esteban Santiago shooting killing five wounding eight at Ft. Lauderdale, Florida airport. Air Canada asked CNN to correct Fake News reporting of Santiago being aboard one of their flights.

Unable to care and search for the truth because, satisfaction with deception design through mainstreams big lies. Yet, this is what mainstream expects us to believe so they print it on a daily bases.

Here are just a few of the media master missinformants:

MSNBC – Lawrence O’Donnell. Paid puppet to push fake news front and center, host of The Last Word




MSNBC – Rev. Al Sharpton. Race baiter, only voice concerns when black issues are present, 90 percent of the time he is wrong, hostĀ PoliticsNation



Comedy Central – Amy Schumer cousin of Democratic Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer. Shares her uninformed Liberal views onĀ Inside Amy Schumer



CNN – Van Jones racist, a blacklash against a changing country, pushes racism through CNN, co-host of political debate show Crossfire



Yahoo/ABC News/NBC – Katie Couric. Appears politically objective but stongly push mainstream liberal bias, co-host The Today Show





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