Fact-Check, Fact-Checkers: Women’s March Was For Radical Islamic Change of American Culture

The recent Women’s March in Washington, D.C., and across the nation drew millions as they parade on an agenda to despise President Donald Trump. Let’s be honest, What was the purpose?

In this country, women have no limitations. American women are all privileged to say and do as they are pleased. Free to work, chose mates, do what they want with no boundaries for the American dream.

Yet, in spite of this. The women march was used as a solidarity for women venting an opportunity to publicly support both sexual and social politics while bearing the burden to assist the event coordinator who wish is to eliminate women’s rights in the land of the free. The organizers of the Women’s March that brought massive women bonding in unity has ties to terrorism.

The leading organizer of the Women’s March Palestinian activist Linda Sarsour, who chairs the Arab American Association of New York, whose group under the Obama administration played a central role in terminating key law enforcement efforts to end its secret surveillance of the many Muslim groups and mosques suspected of promoting jihadist on American soil.

Let’s look at the bigger picture. That march was used as bait to draw interest in Sarsour efforts to push Sharia Law through women who have the freedom other nations don’t. The reality of Sharia law. Women can be beaten publicly, and it is permitted and accepted.

Think of how in war torn countries watching a parade magnitude, women’s rights are freely expressed, but in their own world. Women’s vaginas are disfigured preventing sexual pleasure. Executed for speaking in the presence of a man in public. Having to walk behind a man covering the entire body only revealing parts of her face. Being told who to marry at such a young age while the father picks her companion, at 15. Being raped while the husband looks on and having babies taken away from them.

That is the dark side of Sharia Law.

The world watched but not all was in acceptanced. Women of all race shape and form participated wearing nice clothes, carrying bottled water, eating three square meals with snacks, living in nice homes, driving nice cars, clutching Smartphones to update Facebook accounts, travel abroad while protesting how horrible their lives are.

Linda Sarsour was there for one cause only. A plan to convert our laws to Muslim ideology.

Sarsour backing for the Women’s March solicited donations from known terrorist organization Hamas and the support from Liberal political revolution spewing George Soros. Over the years, Sarsour’s activism has extended within the United States using social and racial issues in her recruiting for Jihad.

Deeply involved in the “Black Lives Matter” so called cultural movement that preach violence. More than once, Sarsour has expressed her support for Sharia Law.

Posted on her Twitter account, selling Sharia Law to the American public in 2015:

Last year, Sarsour spoke at a Virginia fundraising sponsored by Islamic Relief USA, whose parent group has provided financial assistance to Hamas.

This past September, Sarsour was the featured speaker at the annual convention of the Islamic Society of North America, a Muslim Brotherhood front group Hillary Clinton long time aid Huma Abedin’s mother is a member, that promotes Sharia Law. The Brotherhood, is group of both Hamas and Al-Qaeda.

This past November, Sarsour spoke to the American Muslims for Palestine, where she spoke of Muslims who support Islamic Terrorist groups.

Hillary Clinton defeat has brought out how women social issues can be manipulated. Women think Trump is waging a war on women. But the Muslims are not.

One women stated “America is a great country to live, but it’s social issues suck.” That were her reason’s voting for Donald Trump.


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