Florida Democrats Secretly Trying To Ban Second Amendment Rights

The Florida League of Women Voters claims to be a nonpartisan political organization doing work that advocates for government and public policies at the national, state and local levels as their mission for awareness and influences policy issues and the impact it might have on the public.

The Florida League of Women Voters is a front to ban Second Amendment Rights, gun ownership. They are Florida’s newest gun ban organization working with Democrats across the state to support gun control and oppose our Constitutional and Second Amendment rights.

The League has been operating with anti-gun Democratic legislators who compose and file gun ban legislation, working in covert operation to deny constitutional rights to damage the firearms freedom of all law abiding Floridian gun owners by infringing on our rights.







The sponsors the League of Women Voters initiated to file gun ban bills co-introduced with Florida Rep. Carlos Guillermo Smith (D-Winter Park) and Sen. Linda Stewart (D-Orlando) who filedĀ Florida Senate Bill (SB-254), prohibiting the sale or transfer of weapons or large ammunition magazine; prohibiting possession of weapons or magazine lawfully possessed with criminal penalties.

The person behind opposing gun control, Patti Brigham, First Vice-Chair for Florida League of Women Voters is listed as a lobbyist representing the League of Women Voters. According to the State of Florida, Brigham isn’t registered as a lobbyist with the state, but attends all committee gatherings to support gun control and oppose Second Amendment rights.

Brigham is working with Kristen Rand, the Director of the Violence Policy Center, a nonprofit organization that advocates for gun control and against gun violence in Washington, D.C., as both are working to ban the gun rights of Florida’s “law-abiding” gun owners. Brigham, with the League of Women Voters act as if they are “constitutionalists” seeking new memberships and contributions to help assist in passage of Second Amendment ban from people who are not aware what the League is really doing.

Last Action of the Bill, was referred to the Senate Judiciary; Criminal Justice; Appropriations Subcommittee on Criminal and Civil Justice; Appropriations 1/12/2017. If passed, the Bill’s effective date, 10/1/2017.

The Second Amendment grants rights to defend home and family with guns. When the police are called they come with guns for protection. A criminal can carry but a law-abiding citizen cannot.

In my opinion, If you don’t like guns? Don’t buy one. Taking away constitutional rights is pure utter Liberalism.


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