Congressional Lust For Humanity’s Sin

A compelling destructive politico lust of politician free will whom lobbied to liberalize sin by the liberal base and rigged unsuspecting minds harnessed by why did Legislation pass the work of the devil pushing gay rights? Why is gay a social issue? A political issue?

Congressional members pushed gay rights just to win re-elections and remain in public office. Where in the U.S. Constitution is homosexuality amendment? Where in the U.S. Constitution is gay marriage amendment? Why Federal and State Governments forcing the union of man and man, woman and women which is against the natural use according to the Bible.

What does the Bible say about homosexuality? Why did politico powers make same sex legal? What do politics and slanting have in common? Why are both Democratic and GOP leaders sought the vote as a way to help galvanize their party’s conservative and liberal base at a time of flagging public confidence in leaning more towards gay rights when God not government settled the definition of marriage a long time ago?

Why is gay marriage a big issue when our entire economic infrastructure has fallen apart? Our nation’s deficit is 20 trillion and rising, inflation is up, true unemployment is more than 40 percent when Obama was in office, the price of fuel is starting to climb, and gay issues with no merit and mainstream media grants them a platform for the devil. Why did the Obama administration force the government to go against the Bible? Could he have been at one time?

Why did gays push Congressional members to do the devils work in homosexuality? Congress doesn’t believe in God, a violation of nature’s law. It is morally wrong. Why are gays forcing their lifestyle on everybody’s rights and will? Why are gays forcing their lifestyle on the general public? Why are gay rights being pushed by the media and politicians into the limelight? You don’t see murderers, child molesters, rapist, pedophiles, gangbangers forcing their will on the people.

Is federalism the new gay? Why are Liberals forcing homosexuality and transgender on children? Politicians forcing children to accept gay’s that contradicts the Bible? Obama and Congress forced children into homosexual practices for the acceptance of gay marriage. Does gay marriage violate public policy?

Why did congressional members in 2004 and 2006 limit The Federal Marriage Amendment to the Constitution which would have limited marriage in the U.S. to unions of one man and one woman? This would have prevented same sex marriage as well as polygamy?

If the Supreme Court the highest court in the land succumb to public pressure instead made a ruling on social issues not the rule of law which became bad for the courts and worse for the country.

Same sex just to be politically correct when stressing special rights opposed to equality, should there be a term, marriage for same sex couples or in part to allow the Liberal devil’s to strengthen their cause for the separation between church and state.

Is same sex marriage valid, or void or illegal, based upon whether it has been accepted by a simple majority of voters or elected legislative officials who were paid millions to make America a gay accepting nation rather than God’s word.

Denying straight men and women for the sake of gay’s represents discrimination? Children of same sex couples promote both homosexuality and bisexuality? Same sex marriage undermines rights of children to be raised by their biological mother and father. A child has a right to be raised by a father and a mother, and that legalizing same sex marriage undermines that right.

The entire political structure for same sex marriage an attempt to privatizing same sex. Is there a political interest in regulating marriage by permitting same sex marriage the assumption that the interest in marriage is procreative?

State legislation allowed teaching kids same sex in schools, to be more open minded exposing them to different types of sexual behaviors like bestiality.

Government should have no role in regulating personal relationships in support a perverted pleasure of the evil one for a “gender-neutral marriage.”

Why the religious community is deeply divided on homosexuality? Why is same sex a political issue for social acceptance? Is humanity skirting religion for the sake of same sex pleasure while being straight becomes a minority?

Is gay marriage the right to guaranteed under the civil rights laws of the jurisdiction? Same sex and gay marriage a dangerous threats to the common good of today.

Cannot be considered marriages because marriage, by legal definition involves the uniting of two members of the opposite sex. Gay want to have kids but take it up the ass in the name of satisfaction. They want us to be political correct. I am not politically correct. Being a bend over buddy is a choice, you are not born that way.

Same sex relationships should not be recognized as marriages because same gender sexual activity is contrary to God’s will.

This is not what GOD wants?

The Liberal base will do everything it can for humanity’s self destruction. Because of political lust for one another. We are living a modern day Sodom and Gomorra.


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