Fact-Check Fact-Checkers: Who’s Funding To Prevent Betsy DeVos Commencement Address At Bethune-Cookman University

Department of Education Secretary Betsy DeVos is slated to speak at historically black institution Bethune-Cookman University at the school’s 2017 commencement this May. DeVos is a part of the Trump administration to reach out to historically black colleges and universities, something the previous Obama administration did nothing and refused to do. Now the spreading of lies is front and center.

The Liberal media is behind all the falsehoods of Betsy DeVos attempts for better education in all public and private schools, make both teachers and administrators accountable for higher learning. Wake up black people. Liberals still use divide and conquer through the media to alienate or limit black advancement. Hillary Clinton courted minorities during the election. Since her defeat, she has not spoken one word or seen in public with people of color.

Get over her and the lefts lies for the reasons that the funding of racism solely exist in the hands of Democrats the Liberals that pay 100s of millions of dollars to CNN to race bait and keep blacks uneducated on facts.

The main agitator, George Soros donated to Hillary Clinton. In the comings days he has paid rioters $1500 to $10,000 to lie disrupt and cause a disturbance with demonstrators even if some get hurt. The Change.Org cause is to throw confusion and turmoil funded by Soros to keep blacks uninformed on the Bethune Cookman campus. They want to use Bethune Cookman as Berkeley and turn HBCUs against each other. And this is the party that blacks support.



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