Fact-Check Fact-Checkers: Why The Hate Liberal Media Is Out To Destroy Trump

Why the Liberal trolls will never back off from their attempts to destroy everything about President Donald Trump and the Trump administration. Look back to the last eight years of Obama, his administration and his 2007-2008 presidential campaign.

If the Liberal media had opened up with lies, false claims, fake news, junk reporting on Obama like they are openly doing to Trump. The Media would have been outed as both racist and bigots for their bias reporting on Obama.

Obama, a so-called black man and the media was very much afraid to push the Liberal agenda of racial hate and race bait a black man who held the highest office in the land. The national media infested swamp took a back seat and let the most corrupt president in history who paid millions to seal and hide his past. They froze the media lynch mob on Obama.

Since Trump’s presidency, the diabolical media led by CNN has raised the roof to demolish Trump. For eight long years that hatred for Obama which they could not used built up deep rooted anger until now. It is officially all in to annihilate and obliterate Trumps presidency.

This is pure left-wing media reverse discrimination. They have no price limit to back off. The Liberals have open season to attack Trump without one shred of evidence on anything that they produce daily in hopes to end the one president that is exposing political corruption. They will stop at nothing. Even if it means ISIS, Radical Terrorist and North Korea Nuke America. The Liberals could care less.

Trump verses the hate media.


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