The Resistance: Paid Liberal Thugs

The Resistance say they have an agenda. They don’t like President Donald Trump, not supplied any proof why they don’t want him to succeed. They fringe on the left’s inability to understand a rational point of view other than their own, who has an utter disrespect of the laws of the land.

The Resistance is a well-funded political hate group pushing corruption to rid Trump from the White House with investigations into Russian involvement in the 2016 presidential election.

They are forging racial disparity among the masses with White Supremacy, Nazi uprising, Black Lives Matter, the new KKK, uplifting Shari Law thrusting the next terrorist attack much graver than the San Bernardino attacks. Attempts to rid the Bible, allowing homosexuality, getting children into unnatural gender seeking the evil one’s lifestyle.

Inspired by the core media mechanics of a conglomerate of CNN, ABC, MSNBC, HuffPost, The Washington Post, New York Post and Politico. They don’t like Trump but no argument that he won the election fair and square.

The Resistance never accepted Trump colluded with voters who put him into the Oval Office on election day, that is how he won. Refusing to accept the voting process is undermining our entire democracy.

Trumps wants America, and Americans to succeed. Jobs for average people, economic opportunity, and a better quality of life for the middle class.

The Resistance big dollar donors are orchestrating a division to push something never seen in this once great country. A revolutionary war to end our very existence.

A warfare where nothing is left standing, spewing violence with hate rallies targeted at selected locations across the country to destroy this land of ours from within.

With resources to prey on the unformed uneducated Liberal base who can’t think outside of a box, the Resistance is bankrolling tens of millions of dollars for next week’s falsehood narrative to accuse Trump of more wrongdoings. This will be deep and CNN will be all over it like a rag doll. But it will be proven over and over, fake news.

One of the leaders of the Resistance, Hillary Clinton paid millions to place a bounty to un-legitimize Trump’s presidency and his agenda, raising the stakes for an impeachment lacking proof of any wrongdoing by the Trump administration.

Hillary started the Russian conspiracy right after the 2016 election before preparing to speak to her donors demanding the Clintons and the Clinton Foundation pay back the hundreds of millions of dollars donated that left crooked Hillary with a concession speech.

The Russian accusations against Trump prevent the Clinton clan from refunding the millions of donations for access to America. Nearly the all in attendance were Radical Islamic Terrorist who have help fund the resistance against Trump and started the uprising of Antifa a small deep state militant protest group who use tactics, including property damage and physical violence.


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