Donna Brazile Retracts Hillary Clinton Take Over of The Democratic National Committee Out of Fear

Former disgraced CNN staffer Donna Brazile is now pulling her statements following the publication and subsequent smoking-gun evidence linking Hillary Clinton’s take over and control of the DNC in last year’s presidential campaign in which Clinton rigged the primaries against Bernie Sanders and violated federal laws funding a political campaign as a candidate.

Brazile stated, the DNC needed a constant source of cash because Barack Obama’s 2008 and 2012 presidential campaign, left the DNC in a disastrous political position and in extreme financial ruins. The Clinton Cash which receive heavy support from Islamic Terrorist and the sale of 20 percent of United States Uranium to the Russian’s. The Clinton network well positioned to provide support and eventually gain full control of the party’s operation.

The book, published this week, cited sources saying more than a year before her nomination, in August 2015, Clinton use her Foundation assets to stock up the party’s funds, in exchange for control over the DNC’s finances, strategy, voting rolls and voting statistics. This was Clinton’s favor for a favor investment strategy stealing the Democratic nomination from Sanders.

An anonymous source saying, Brazile was threaten and told to retract her story which details how Clinton Cash went from the Clinton Foundation to her campaign office in Brooklyn, New York, funneled to battleground states used as a victory fund, but was deposited directly to the DNC. Clinton was able to manipulate the DNC from decades of pay for play donor networks. Used the DNC to start a false dossier that President Donald Trump colluded with the Russians during last year’s election.

Brazile, no saint in her own right. In March 2016, twice gave Clinton questions she face in a Democratic primary debate against Sanders while she was a CNN contributor and a Democratic National Committee member. Late Friday, Brazile retracted her book publishing on her Twitter account which she alleges the DNC rigged the primary for Clinton over Sanders.

The withdraw according to a source familiar with the situation, alluded to Seth Rich death who was an employee for the DNC fatally shot in Washington, D.C. in July 2016, who was scheduled to meet with the FBI over the DNC voter suppressing rights. In 2014, he began working as the Voter Expansion Data Director. One of his tasks at the DNC was the development of a computer application to help voters locate polling stations stacking voting polls. The DNC used the polls to steer votes in Clinton’s favor.

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